Wednesday, October 5, 2011

One Less Voice in the World Tonight

The first computer that I remember using was an old Macintosh Plus when I was around five. I'm pretty sure that my dad still has it, although I think the mouse or keyboard has gotten lost in one of the many moves since I last used it. I remember making cards for my grandparents on that computer (long before I could actually read any of the menus on the screen) and later playing Where in the World is Carmen Sandiego.

While I've mainly been a PC girl since buying my own computers, I have been a dedicated iPod fan since my first one, and I'm currently the owner of 3 different models. I now work for a company that has recently launched a new line of products for the iPad and I use my MacBook Pro for everything these days.

Steve Jobs did an amazing amount to change the way products are designed, built, marketed and sold. 

Many of us found out about his passing on a product that his vision created and shaped.

Rest in peace Mr. Jobs.

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  1. I took stock of all my Apple products and whether I could stand replacing them with other comparable products, and there's no way. Steve Jobs was definitely a visionary.


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