Monday, October 24, 2011


I can't believe it's nearly November. B and I celebrated eight months of marriage last week (a day late since I was with my mom and my aunt on the 19th). Christmas is only two months away.

Seriously, where has the time gone? 

Does anyone else feel like time speeds up the older you get? I remember as a kid, summer days seemed to stretch forever, and when school finally started it took what felt like years to get to Christmas vacation. And the ten days in between my sister's birthday and my birthday? Longest ten days of my life! When did time speed up and go crazy, with the months flying by, leaving you reeling in their wake, wondering what happened to another year? 

I always think of one of Gretchen Rubin's (author of the Happiness Project) four splendid truths when I think about how fast the year has gone - "The days are long, but the years are short."

Lately that has felt so true, especially as work has been stressful and the hours seem to drag on before I can get home to spend time with B. But then I look up to find that the leaves have changed, it's nearly Halloween, Thanksgiving will be here before I know it and half the stores already have Christmas decorations lining the aisles.

This doesn't change does it? 

In fact, my mom assures me that once kids are in the picture, this dichotomy of the days being long but the years being short will become even more stark. 

Though, as my great-grandmother used to tell us, it wasn't until the decades started flying by that she really wondered what was happening with time!

Anyone else wondering how to slow down the months? Doing my best to live in the moment is what I try, but I'd love other suggestions!


  1. I can totally relate. I seem to want the work days to speed by and the end of the work week to come, but when I see the months flying by on the calendar I want things to slow down. I'm still figuring out how to reconcile the two. I have a lot of trouble staying in the moment as I feel like I'm constantly worrying about the future (and things I can't control). I definitely need to work on this and enjoy the present moment!

  2. Yep. I think time does start to move faster as we get older... but I still am shocked (shocked!) that it's almost Halloween already. What the heck?!

  3. I feel that way. I feel like the days are so long (except when I want time to do a craft project) but the year flies by. I swear Micah was just getting out for summer vacation and now he's almost done teaching the first semester of the year. I also feel time more since I feel like I've lost entire month while I was in Zambia. It was summer and now it feel like the cold part of fall.

  4. I'm feeling the same way. I worry that my life is just going to pass me by and I won't know where it went. It's scary how fast time passes sometimes.

  5. Yes - the years are just zooming by!!


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