Wednesday, September 7, 2011

Weekend in the Woods: Cocktail Hour

Once we were finished with family pictures we could finally join our guests for cocktail hour!

Even though we'd seen a lot of our guests the day before at the welcome dinner or the bonfire, there were some guests who were only able to make it to the wedding, so I made it a point to try to seek them out first.

Seeing one of my college friends in particular was a wonderful surprise, as she had previously told me that due to certain circumstances she would be unable to make it to the wedding. I had hoped that she would find a way to come so I always kept her in the final tally of guests, and I promptly burst into tears when she ended up being the first person I saw when I joined the cocktail hour.

*Guest photo 

College roommates and wonderful friends. *Guest photo

After that, things were kind of a blur of hugging old friends, laughing with new family members and attempting to keep track of my glass of wine (which I failed at miserably. Luckily one of Mr. EB's groomsmen took it upon himself to make sure I always had a glass of wine in my hand so at least when I lost my glass somewhere I didn't have to wait too long for a new one to appear! And yes, he was also good about making sure I drank water in there, too!)

Law school friends (photobomb courtesy of my brother)

My new father-in-law!

Me and my dad. Love this pictures of the two of us.

Our family and friends signed our guestbook and left us advice, wishes and a few predictions.

And of course, they enjoyed the wonderful appetizers that IslandWood had set out for us.

Before long, it was time to make our way over to the Dining Hall for our spectacular dinner. 

My other wonderful roommates from college.

Kat and Justin grabbed one more portrait of me on the way there, and then it was time to eat!

*Unless otherwise noted, all photos by the fabulously talented Persimmon Images.

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