Friday, September 9, 2011

Time to Relax

Why do short weeks end up feeling so long by the end of them? It doesn't help that I have been counting down the days to Saturday. My birthday is coming up (yay!) but since I'll be out of town next Friday on the actual day for my sister's wedding (double yay!), I'm celebrating tomorrow night with some vino and very good friends.

But before that my college roommates and I are going to spend the entire day together before one of our own moves to Jamaica. Yes, Jamaica. We're so sad to see her go, but there are worse places to have to go to visit a person! Not sure when her last day in the NW will be, but since we all have crazy schedules we'll take whatever time we can get together. And did I mention that we'll be spending that time together in a spa? Oh yes. We will. Just the relaxation that I've needed!

I hope you all have exciting (or relaxing!) weekend plans ahead of you! Many people seem to be talking about fall and looking forward to cold weather, but after a few dreary months with high temps in the 60s, Seattle has finally decided it's summer with sunny days in the 80s and (gasp!) possibly even hitting 90. Our new place right by the water is the perfect place to take advantage of all that sun, so that's where I'll be come Sunday (you know, in between football games, of course!).

And don't worry - we've made some huge strides with unpacking (yes, I did use "we" incredibly liberally as it's really B who has done all of the unpacking), so I'm hoping to have pictures to show you sometime next week!

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