Thursday, September 1, 2011


Alternate Title: Mold-Free Living Once Again!

You might have noticed that I haven't posted many pictures of our current apartment. I've posted a few when talking about various aspects of wedding planning (such as my discussion on the obscene amount of packing materials that wedding presents were shipped in), or when I talked about jewelry storage. You even got to see a tiny bit of our (very badly lit) bathroom when I wrote this post about potentially doing my own make up for the wedding (actually in looking back at that post all you can really see is a tiny portion of the frame gallery in the hallway. But that's much better than the actual bathroom, trust me!).

I love looking at how other people decorate their homes, and if you've seen my home decor board on Pinterest, you know there are some gorgeous ideas out there that I'd love to implement in a home someday.

But I haven't ever posted pictures of our current place as it is, and I certainly haven't posted any recent pictures. Why? Because I have hated this apartment. Hated it. I ranted complained in this post about the leaks and the mold and the ridiculousness that our place has become, and really this past month has just been the last straw. I am so done with living there. 

(Incidentally, did you know that it takes an entire month to rip out drywall, replace insulation, reinstall drywall and paint a room? Yeah, me neither! Did I mention that this room is our laundry room which is maybe 5 feet by 8 feet, and I'm pretty sure my spatially-challenged self is being generous? Ohhhh yeah.)

It also hasn't helped that we've been living with my brother for the past year. Now, I love my brother (really, Mom, I still love him to pieces!), and overall he's been a great roommate, but we're all pretty tired of living with each other. Time to move on and all that.

Which luckily is happening THIS weekend! We found an amazing new place and I LOVE it. It's in a totally different neighborhood of the city, and while I'm a little bit sad that we're moving a bit farther away from some friends, the new place (and new neighborhood) totally makes up for it.

B's been moving a bunch of things over this past week (including getting all of our kitchen stuff over and unpacked - yay!), and I can't wait until all of our furniture is over there. Even though our current place is technically our first married home together, it never felt like that to either of us. But now we finally get to have that first place and make it our own (and hopefully it will be the last place we rent as we'd love to buy in a year or so!). 

And to leave you with a sneak peek - here's our new view:

Don't worry - I'll be back with tons more pictures soon!

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  1. That's an amazing view!! I hope the new digs have HUGE windows!


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