Friday, August 5, 2011

Ready for a break

This week has been kind of a tough week due to a lot of annoying reasons.

I've started a new way of eating and so far I'm not thrilled with it. I'll post more about it later (after hopefully starting to enjoy it a bit more), but I'm hoping that right now I'm just in a slump and I'll pull out if it soon. But part of it means no alcohol. I don't usually drink that much, but with this week a glass (or 2) of wine would have been really nice. 

I'm pretty sure I'm getting a cold. Which sucks as it appears that summer might have finally arrived in Seattle. And yes, by summer I actually mean sunny and 77 degrees. Hey, it's not rainy and 60, so I'll take it.

Our apartment is a disaster zone. Literally.

We've had black mold in our laundry room (we have our own in-unit laundry) for at least a month. This is after having dealt with mold in our bathroom on and off the entire time we've lived here. But this was worse. And we were pretty sure it was due to the flood that happened when the laundry machines in the room above overflowed and water poured down into our apartment. This happened months ago mind you, and of course our landlords never did anything about it then. They just had someone see that it looked dry and it was probably fine. Um, no.

So, yeah, black mold. Been calling on and off to get it fixed. In the meantime, wiping it down with a bleach solution every other day (it comes back that fast). Then on Wednesday night (when I'm out at dinner with my mom before going to the opera) I get an email from B that there's water pouring down into our bathroom and office.

Say what now?

Apparently a hot water heater in a unit upstairs failed, as did the overflow valve that's supposed to contain water in the event that there's a failure so all the hot water ended up in our apartment. Swell. So now our carpets are soaked and the whole place smells of mildew. Thank GOD this did not happen last week when B was taking the bar (this is where he studied and his his computer, printer, lots of files, etc). Not to mention a lot of random storage. Luckily in preparation for our move (soon!) he'd started cleaning out the office and moving things around, so as far as we can tell nothing got ruined. But our place smells. A lot.

Now they're (finally) ripping out the drywall in the laundry room, replacing the (gross, wet, disgusting) insulation and will dry and clean the carpets. Given the horrible smell, I think they should replace the carpets, but I'm pretty sure they won't. Whatever. We're here for one more month. We can deal. I hope.

There's more, but I feel like I've complained enough. 

Luckily, it's Friday. I'm working from home this morning and we're going to Seafair this afternoon (I LOVE seeing the Blue Angels fly over Lake Washington which I haven't gotten to see for about 5 years now).

And it's B's birthday! We've got a great birthday dinner planned and my parents gave B a fantastic bottle of wine that we're debating opening tonight or saving for later... either way, there will be lots of wine this evening!* 

*And no, I'm not supposed to be drinking, but when I started this plan I knew I was going to let myself have a glass of wine on B's birthday and on our anniversary. I'm ok with 2 days of wine this month.


  1. Big big BIG hugs!!! I know I would have caved and had a drink by now... so kudos to your resourcefulness! Hell, my week wasn't near as bad and I'm eating sushi for lunch as my threat!

    Hope that you have a fabulous weekend to make up for the not-so-fabulous week!

  2. Ugh, what a horrible week. I'm amazed you didn't break down, I think I would have had a whole bottle of wine. Here's hoping things get better soon!

  3. Oh Lady, that's horrible!!! You deserve two huge glasses of wine!! Have an awesome time at Seafair. So fun and jealous!!

  4. Thanks all! I really appreciate it. Fortunately the no alcohol thing is just for a month, and knowing that I could have some tonight definitely helped get me through! But yeah, so ready for this week to be over (and our apartment to not smell anymore!)


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