Monday, August 8, 2011

A Good Weekend

Thanks so much for your well wishes last week! They meant a lot and after a really fun weekend I feel much more ready to tackle the week ahead.

After I got some work done on Friday we headed out to Seafair where my company had a spot reserved. Unfortunately the weatherman lied when he said that the clouds were going to burn off, but we still had fun! I LOVE the Blue Angels - my family used to go to various air shows a lot when I was younger. Also, B said he has finally figured out the connection between so many things I like (racing, boats, jet planes, etc): I like to go fast! And that is very, very true. I also love roller coasters and it's a sad thing that it's been several years since I've gotten a chance to go on any.

Alas my lens was not nearly as good as I would have liked for photographing these amazing planes, but I thought I got some pretty good shots anyway.

After the Blue Angels, we celebrated B's birthday with a great dinner at home, before snuggling up together on the couch in front of some Friday Night Lights (still have no idea how I never watched that show before - it's SO good!).

Saturday we went to a fantastic house (re)warming at the lovely casa de Parker Haus Roles. Alas, while I brought my camera I completely forgot to take it out to get any pictures whatsoever! But it was wonderful to see everyone.

Sunday was spent looking at potential new apartments, and while we haven't found the one yet, I'm confident that we'll find a good place eventually. Weekends always seem to go by too quickly, especially when we've got so much going on! Seems like the rest of the summer will be following that pattern as summer in the NW will end all too quickly!


  1. I love the Blue Angels. We saw them in Pensacola Beach last year. I had a hard time taking pictures because I was ooing and ahing so much. :)
    I love the pictures you took. The one of the four planes leaning in towards the camera and the one close-up of the pilot are my favorites.
    Good luck finding an apartment!

  2. Thanks! Those are my favorite too - I think with a little bit of editing they'd make fun pictures to blow up and frame.

    And I saw on Morgan's blog that you used to go to Oak Island? That's where my whole extended family went for 13 years when I was a kid! So many fantastic memories there!

  3. We love air shows! We are so lucky to have many in the Carolinas!

    Alessa & Tammie


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