Tuesday, July 19, 2011

Weekend in the Woods: Suiting Up!

While the girls and I got pretty in the Welcome Center, Mr. EB and his groomsmen finished getting ready in the cabin that Mr. EB and I were sharing for the weekend.

All of the guys wore their own gray suits, and Mr. EB and I made a not-so-quick trip to Nordstrom Rack the weekend before the wedding to pick up ties for all of the guys and our dads (yes, we left it ridiculously late, but we were busy! And also? Who the hell knew that the weekend before Valentine's Day was such a crazy busy shopping weekend?!?!). We picked out Mr. EB's tie first and then just tried to find coordinating ties that we both liked. I figured that since none of the suits were going to match there was no reason for the ties to all be the same.

Little bro EB cleans up nice! *Guest photo

After they were all dressed the guys sat around, enjoying a beer and the sunshine (and I seem to recall finding a bottle of tequila later on in the cabin, too...)

I also got all the guys pocket squares since they weren't going to have boutonnieres. I thought I had bought enough blue squares for everyone, but I threw in a couple of white ones just in case anything happened and they needed an extra. Turns out I didn't quite make myself clear about who should have which color, but the improvisation worked out well in the end!

After Mr. EB opened the present I got him (a pair of wool socks - random, yes, but something I knew would make him smile), he spent some time writing me a very sweet note that I opened a bit later.

And with that, it was almost time for him to get in place for our first look. But first - I had to get dressed!

*Unless otherwise noted, all photos by the fabulously talented Persimmon Images.

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