Wednesday, July 6, 2011

Weekend in the Woods: Our Indoor Forest

Our ceremony decorations were amazing. And I feel like I can say that because I had almost no involvement with their execution. I've mentioned my amazing aunt before and how wonderfully creative she is. It was her idea to bring in live trees to decorate our ceremony space. 

I loved that idea and only requested that we add candles to the space as well. The end result was a beautifully warm and uniquely Northwest feel to the space (though I loved seeing a certain other couple add live trees to their ceremony space as well! I think it was a great idea, though I am admittedly very biased!).

After much discussion about the idea, we ultimately decided to rent the trees that we were going to use. Now, when we first started talking about using trees for our ceremony decorations, I had no idea that renting them was a possibility. But my aunt was positive that someone would rent trees to us and sure enough, my mom found a place nearby called Valley Nursery that had rented trees for events before and already had everything in place to facilitate the process.

It was really important to us that we rent the trees as we didn't want to take on the full expense of purchasing the number of trees we wanted, plus we didn't have the space to plant the trees when we were done using them. Additionally, it felt very in keeping with IslandWood's message of living sustainably to bring in live elements for our ceremony that wouldn't be wasted after we were finished with them.

Tucked among the candles were cedar branches that my mom trimmed from one of her giant cedar trees. I loved having a little piece of where I grew up surrounding us as Mr. EB and I said our vows to each other.

Everyone at Valley Nursery, especially Kathy, our main contact, was absolutely wonderful. We got to pick out the exact trees that we would use for the ceremony (seriously - we spent a morning walking the grounds with them and tagged the specific trees that we wanted and then Kathy made sure to move them aside so that they weren't sold before our wedding). I truly cannot say enough good things about them. They were incredibly helpful every step of the way, and the trees created such a beautiful impact on the space.

*Personal Photo from one of our trips to Valley Nursery

They delivered the trees the morning of our wedding and placed them exactly where my aunt directed them to go. They cleaned up any fallen dirt and made sure that IslandWood's floors were protected from any potential damage. And then they picked up the trees (and again, cleaned up any stray soil) the next morning. They made the process so easy, and I absolutely loved the finished look.

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