Wednesday, July 27, 2011

Weekend in the Woods: A Few More Portraits

After our first look at the Suspension Bridge, we all piled back in the golf cart and headed to the Tree House for a few more portraits.

The Tree House is this wonderful structure built around one of the tall trees on the property, complete with a beautiful view of the bog and meadow below. 

The sun coming through the open balcony doorway was so warm on the freezing cold day, so neither Mr. EB or I wanted to move out of the sun the whole time we were at the Tree House!

Love this one!

I really appreciated all of the work that Kat did prior to our first look to scout different locations around IslandWood and figure out where the best spots would be to take pictures. We had talked briefly about location ideas before the wedding, but on the day of the wedding I left all the decisions about where to go up to Kat. Much easier to trust her suggestions, especially since we didn't end up having a ton of time for pictures with just the two of us before the ceremony. 

Once we were finished at the Tree House, we headed off to meet up with the rest of the bridal party who were waiting for us at one of the lodges for a few bridal party pictures before the ceremony!

*Unless otherwise noted, all photos by the fabulously talented Persimmon Images.

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Sunday, July 24, 2011

Weekend in the Woods: Our First Look

All along, I knew I wanted us to do a first look. Mr. EB took a little bit of convincing, and I think if it had been totally up to him, he probably would have preferred us wait to see each other until I walked down the aisle. But I really wanted the time with him alone, before we were around anyone else. I wanted to look him in the eyes, to hug him and kiss him, to celebrate the step that we were about to take and have it be a private moment for just the two of us (and our photographers too, but Kat and Justin felt like old friends by that point, so it didn't seem weird that they were there). Luckily, after I explained my feelings about this to Mr. EB, he was more than happy to go along!

Since we ended up having such beautiful weather, Kat suggested that we do our first look at the Suspension Bridge. Luckily there was a golf cart that could take us down there, because while it wasn't a super long hike, it was definitely longer than I wanted to walk in a white dress!

Justin and Mr. EB got there first and waited while I finished getting ready. And here is where I'll be perfectly honest. Even though I thought I had done a good job of staying on schedule while I was getting ready, I ended up being about 20 minutes late to meet Mr. EB. Not usually a huge deal, but remember this was February, and even though it was sunny and beautiful out, it was absolutely freezing. Luckily Justin had prepared Mr. EB that I would likely not be on time, but I still felt bad when I realized just how long he'd been waiting there!

Once I (finally!) arrived, I snuck up behind him as quietly as one can on a creaky suspension bridge. Actually that's a total lie, I may or may not have been bouncing up and down in my excitement to get to him!

If felt so good to hug him!

After taking the private minutes together that we wanted, we took a few more pictures on the bridge.

And then we were off to the Tree House for more pictures before meeting the rest of our bridal party!

My tip for portraits before the ceremony? It's nothing you haven't heard before, but give yourself lots and lots of time to get ready. If you finish early, great! More time to hang with your girls! But if you are running late? Don't panic. Maybe you'll take a few less photos, or go to one less location. It'll be ok! Just focus on your partner and your excitement for each other and the day will take over.

Oh, and if a couple of guests happen to interrupt you while you're taking photos? Give them a hug and tell them you'll see them soon! The perils of taking pictures on the only bridge people had to cross to get back to their cabins!

*Unless otherwise noted, all photos by the fabulously talented Persimmon Images.

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Saturday, July 23, 2011

One of those days...

... where the sun comes out in Seattle and you remember why you live here despite only having 78 minutes of summer so far this year.

... where the sky is so blue you wonder how it could ever have been so gray.

... where you love your husband and your dog and think that despite everything else that's going on in your life, life's actually pretty darn good. Even if we can't get a great family picture of the three of us...

Wednesday, July 20, 2011

Weekend in the Woods: Time to get Dressed!

Finally, it was time to put my dress on! 

I absolutely loved my dress. I purchased it from Cicada Bridal in Seattle, and it was exactly what I wanted. Simple elegance that fit me perfectly.

I wanted my mom and my sister to be the only ones around when I got dressed, so we found a quiet spot in the back of the offices where I could get dressed. 

No, I don't know what I was pointing at either.

My mom helped me put on my jewelry - a pearl necklace that SIL and Groomswoman B gave me from the Phillippines and the bracelet I got from Etsy (with a little additional Bee love!). 

I added the earrings that my aunt (and godmother) let me borrow from when she got married, and I got my hairflower from Silver Pencils (aka Mrs. Espresso!).

As a sidenote, I have to mention just how incredibly helpful it was to have a photographer who had already been a bride. It never even crossed my mind to bring doublesided tape, but when we realized that my bra straps weren't staying as hidden as we wanted them to, it was Kat to the rescue! She had everything that I didn't even know I might need!

After I was ready, it was time for a few portraits:

Finally I was ready and it was time to meet Mr. EB for our first look! 

*Unless otherwise noted, all photos by the fabulously talented Persimmon Images.

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We bottle and seal our wedding wine.
We finish our projects one week out.
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