Wednesday, May 11, 2011

Weekend in the Woods: Sealing it Up

When we brought the wine home after bottling it there were two more steps that we had to do before our wedding wine was complete: labeling and sealing the bottles. We planned to label all of the bottles, but we only wanted to seal the bottles that we were giving as favors and the ones that we would keep after the wedding. And all of the wine that we planned to serve at the wedding didn't need a seal since we would be opening it soon.

Dad set up an assembly line as he labeled the wine while the wax melted and Mr. EB, Mom EB and I got ready to help him seal the bottles.

This was another part of the process that went much quicker than I expected it to go. We purchased wax that was specifically for sealing wine bottles and got an old pan from Goodwill to melt it in.

After the wax melted, we all dipped the bottles into the wax, sealing the bottles.

There were lots of drips of wax everywhere as we twisted the bottles to let the wax drip down the sides of the bottleneck, so newspapers were a must to protect the counters!

After the wine was labeled and sealed, we boxed it all up and left it in the hallway before taking it over to IslandWood on the Wednesday before the wedding.

(Don't worry - we didn't drink all this wine at the wedding! A lot of the wine was labeled with my Dad's own label to use for business purposes and the rest of the wine we've had to enjoy after the wedding.)

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