Monday, May 16, 2011

Weekend in the Woods: One Week Out

After we we bottled, sealed and labeled our wedding wine, we were officially one week out! That last week before the wedding I was remarkably calm. Our adventure to get our marriage license had been accomplished, and I had given myself a deadline of the Sunday before the wedding to finish all of my outstanding projects, like the Facebook, our seating chart poster, our programs and the gifts that I was making for my girls (which I'll show you soon). 

A sneak peak of the clutches I made for my bridesmaids.

Once all those things were done, the week stretched before me - not quite empty, but also not stretched thin with too many details to worry about! Prior to the one week mark I'd been making lists (and lists of lists, and then some more lists!) of everything that would be happening on the days leading up to the wedding, including where I was going to be and what I needed to get done. My mom had been doing the same thing and had even figured out where all of the family would be at various points.

A few of the mason jars and other votive candle holders we collected for decor spread out on my mom's table before we packed them up!

See, while it was a local wedding for us, probably 85% of the guest list was from out of town. That meant that not only did we want to figure out when they were arriving before the wedding and what they were doing, but that we also wanted to see them! I figured the best way to be able to accomplish that was if all of the other details were finished.

Pile o' wedding crap that had to get moved to IslandWood.

The day that marked the real beginning of wedding festivities for me was Wednesday. My sister flew in that day and we headed to the island to get everything organized. Luckily we were able to move almost everything to IslandWood that day - all the candles and mason jars, all of the paper products, everything that we were going to want for the wedding was in place at the venue by Wednesday. I am so happy that we were able to store all of that stuff on site for a couple of days, because there just wasn't going to be time on Friday to schlep everything over there.

After getting everything organized on the island, I headed back to Seattle for a night of relaxing with Mr. EB after he got done with class (oh yeah, did I mention he had finals just a few weeks after the wedding? And because he was taking several days off after the wedding he was trying to cram some major studying in before the wedding. Poor guy). The next day was the bridesmaid luncheon, and then the wedding weekend would truly begin!

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