Tuesday, May 31, 2011

Weekend in the Woods: Gifts for my Girls

My girls are incredibly special to me, and after all they had done for me leading up to the wedding, including an amazing book shower and a great bachelorette weekend away, I knew I wanted to give them something really special at the bridesmaid luncheon. But I also wanted their presents to be meaningful to them and to our friendship. So I decided the best way for me to do that was to make part of their present.

I made my girls make up bags (full disclosure - they were supposed to be clutches but I didn't make them sturdy enough so I called them makeup bags). I didn't do my own tutorial because I followed the lovely Mrs. Peep Toe's tutorial pretty much exactly. I loved the random fabrics that I found (both for the outside and the lining), and I think my girls really liked them.

Inside the makeup bags I included earrings and an initial necklace. Mrs. Cheeseburger pointed me in the direction to get the initial necklaces as I couldn't quite afford the ones from Tiffany's.

The third part of their present was a pair of earrings that I handmade out of beads I got (backed on a piece of the same cardstock that I used for our invitations that I printed with their name on it). I hadn't necessarily planned on the girls wearing the necklaces and earrings for the wedding, as I mainly wanted to get them something that they would like and wear after the wedding. But they all decided they wanted to wear them for the wedding which ended up tying their non-matching black dresses together really nicely.

The last part of their present was a blue pashmina shawl. This part of the present I was planning on having them wear for the wedding. All along I knew that I wanted to add a pop of color to the black dresses they would be wearing and thought the pashmina was the way to do it. I love the color that I picked and all of my girls looked so gorgeous on the day of the wedding!

Image via Persimmon Images.

The shawls also came in very handy for the photos before the ceremony as it was so cold that day.

Next up, it's the day before the wedding and the wedding weekend officially begins!

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