Wednesday, April 27, 2011

Weekend in the Woods: A License to Make this Official

Before we could legally wed in the state of Washington we had one thing that we absolutely had to accomplish.

Get our marriage license.

In the state of Washington you must procure said license between 3 and 60 days prior to your wedding.

Guess what we still hadn't done by the week before the wedding? Oh right, get our marriage license that we'd spent the last two months procrastinating on getting.

Really our only excuse was that Mr. EB was busy with classes and we didn't want to deal with going downtown because we assumed it would always be super busy and crowded (of course then on the day that we decided to go, Mrs. Zebra may or may not have freaked me out with tales of long lines when trying to get their marriage license on the Friday before Valentine's Day!).

So. There we are, needing to get our marriage license on the Friday before Valentine's Day (because we had no other time to get it before the 16th). I was now sufficiently scared that it would take hours to accomplish this task, so I decided that the way to solve that problem would be to drive a half hour to an office where surely it wouldn't be crowded.

However, not only was it not crowded, due to budget cuts, that office wasn't even open on Fridays. Sigh. I highly recommend doing a better job of reading the schedule for when offices are open than I did, especially when states have no money.

So we drove to the only other office that was open besides the downtown office. Except that since only one person staffed that office it was closed during her lunch break. Which was right when we showed up.

I amused myself by taking pictures of the picturesque scenery, while Mr. EB amused himself by laughing at me.

Thankfully, even though driving around and waiting for lunch hour to be over had probably taken as long as if we'd just gone downtown in the first place, we were the only people in line so it took approximately 3 minutes to fill out the paperwork, swear that we weren't married to anyone else, sign the papers and be on our way!

We were officially licensed to wed!

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  1. Yay! We totally procrastinated on this as well :P


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