Wednesday, April 20, 2011

The Universe Was Listening After All

Remember a few months ago I wrote about an interview I had and how I really, really wanted that job? I never heard back definitively about the new position we discussed creating (I only heard that the original position I had gone in to interview for had been filled). I just assumed that they decided to go in a different direction and I kept looking for other jobs.

Well, turns out the universe was listening. 

And I'm starting that job tomorrow. 

I cannot wait. 


  1. YAAAAAAAYYYYY!!!!! Is it close? Hope it's an easy commute. Yay for new jobs! :)

  2. Thanks you guys! I'm super excited about this position! Easy bus commute downtown, and great people to work with. I'm so happy it worked out!!

  3. Congrats! I'm usually big on not getting my hopes up for things too but now and then when you let it happens sometimes it does feel like the universe hears and responds.


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