Thursday, April 7, 2011

Girls Weekend Out

So, I have our wedding photos (and they are AMAZING!!!), but I need to spend a little more time with them before I dive headlong into our recaps. But don't worry, they're coming soon, I promise! In the meantime, I realized I never actually shared the story of the weekend I spent with my girls.

Back in January my girls threw me the best bachelorette weekend I could have asked for. Mainly because it involved some of my favorite people, away from the stresses of the every day and copious amounts of wine. I mean, what else could you ask for?

When my girls asked me what I wanted to do, I told them that I really wanted to spend a couple of days getting away from regular life. I've never been big into clubs, so when MOH S suggested renting a cabin in Leavenworth it sounded like the perfect idea. We had gorgeous weather and there's nothing quite like being in a hot tub outside with snow on the ground. We headed over on Friday night and spent the evening drinking wine, catching up, and enjoying the hot tub.

The cabin was right on the river - absolutely gorgeous!

The big thing that MOH S planned for Saturday was a wine tour. Now first I have to make this disclaimer. See, since getting to know more people in the wine industry, I have come to understand that bachelorette parties can be the bane of many wineries existence. A bunch of drunk girls showing up, drinking wine, being loud and then leaving without buying anything? All while the limo blocks space in the driveway for potential paying customers who can't get into the winery. So, when MOH S told me about this plan I was a little hesitant. I have a big fear of being "that girl" in certain situations - and in this one being "that girl" was going to be the tipsy girl in the tiara and sash annoying the hell out of other patrons.

This was me attempting to be helpful and give directions. Why anyone asked the girl with the tiara and sash for directions I have no idea. I also have no idea where I ended up directing them.

In the giant stretch limo. Yeah, it was pretty awesome.

Luckily, the company that she booked with was absolutely fabulous. First off, we got to ride around in a giant stretch SUV limo. I have never done that in my life and had never expected to do that for anything wedding related. Second, it ended up being a private tour for us because no one else booked that day (seriously, the best news we got was that we had this giant limo all to ourselves. It was so big we started doing somersaults down the center!). But third (and this really is the best part), the owner of the wine tour company has been forging really good relationships with some of the wineries in town. Such that they look forward to him showing up with his groups of people. And each of the wineries we went to was able to set aside a separate area for us so we could be as silly and goofy as we wanted and it was in private. I wasn't that girl! (even though I was wearing said tiara and sash). We also made sure to buy wine at each place we went to. It ended up being a great way to spend some time with friends (and my first ever experience of drinking wine in a moving vehicle! Fun times all around).

Why yes, I did manage to slip on ice at the exact second this picture was taken. Whoops.

After the wine tour we came back to the cabin where we drank some more wine, played a few dirty games (there may or may not have been carving cucumbers, sex position bingo and later cupcakes in the shape of a certain type of anatomy). Yes there are a lot more pictures of this portion of the evening, and no, to protect the not-so-innocent, I'm not going to show you!

It's not a party for us until someone's dancing on the table. Oh, and see those rubber duckies on the table? My sister and other Maid of Honor wasn't able to come up for the party so she sent along a box of goodies, including the princess rubber duckies, lots of treats, and of course, my tiara. 

I had such a fantastic time with all of my girls, and I couldn't have asked for a better weekend. Thanks girls!


  1. It sounds like you guys had a blast!

  2. This looks awesome! Glad you had a great time. The scenery looks breathtaking too.


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