Saturday, March 12, 2011

Update on OperationLayla!

In 48 hours a group that originally thought it might help Layla by raising a few hundred dollars to offset even part of the cost of surgery reached its original goal of raising $4000!

If I didn't believe in the power of social media beforehand, I totally do now. What an awesome thing to have been a part of.

A bake sale was planned at the beginning of all of this, and that's still happening so that we can help defray the costs of co-pays and other medical costs that are not covered by insurance. Anything raised beyond that amount will go toward tsunami/earthquake relief in Japan. 

I've added the OperationLayla badge to my page that Jacin from Lovely Little Details designed. I'll take down the PayPal button in the next week or so, but if anyone wants more information on the bake sale or Layla's story, please visit the OperationLayla website.

Women on a mission are pretty powerful - these last few days have reminded me just how powerful we really are.

1 comment:

  1. I'm absolutely stunned at the success of operation layla! It's amazing. I'm so glad we could do this for her!


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