Wednesday, March 9, 2011

Some of My Favorite...

RSVP cards!

When I first thought about using our unconventional RSVP cards, I was a little bit nervous to see how people would respond to them. Would people understand my quirky sense of humor? Would they realize that I was trying to set the tone for the wedding as lighthearted and fun? Or would they just think I was crazy? 

Luckily, everyone loved them! And we ended up getting some pretty great responses back. Several people said I should make a graph out of all of the responses, but I thought it would be more fun to show you a few of my favorites.

Like this one which cracked me up as soon as I pulled it out of the envelope: 

I did not go the invisible ink route that so many other Bees have done, but luckily this was the only RSVP that we received without a name. And my cousin had fortuitously put a very large return address sticker on the back of the envelope so it was easy to tell who these mystery guests were.

Several guests added in their own lines:

Clearly we have a saying in my family. Even funnier, both of these rsvp's arrived on the same day.

From my second parents. They are awesome.

Then there was this reply from friends of mine who I've known since middle school. Apparently they decided they needed to come up with an equation (which I still don't entirely understand...):

And this reply from my friend whose band played at our reception:

But I think this one ended up being my favorite, purely because of its delivery. It was handed to me at the welcome dinner by one of my good friends from college (she played the music for our processional, so clearly I knew she was coming):

I loved getting all of these in the mail - it made the time before the wedding really special as so many people let us know how excited they were to celebrate with us!


  1. These are too funny! We didn't get anything funny written on our RSVP's...we got some sweet messages, but nothing too amusing :)

  2. i love these!! so happy to have found you through #operationlayla - such an amazing cause!!!

  3. Thanks so much both of you!

    Jacin I'm loving everyone I'm finding through #operationlayla as well. Definitely a great cause!


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