Tuesday, February 22, 2011

Thank you cards!

So back in December I was going to send out holiday cards for the first time with Mr. EB. You know, being engaged and all, I thought it was time.

And then the December craziness hit. With family in town. And us traveling to see family. And Christmas. And oh yeah, remember how we made our own invitations and we assembled and mailed them right after Christmas? Yeah, needless to say, holiday cards were not going to happen. But I had a coupon code for some free cards and I really wanted to use them, because c'mon, free! It was right around that time that I realized what with shower gifts, wedding presents starting to trickle in and other thank yous that I needed to send, I was going to need a whole lot of thank you cards. And that's when I've had one of my few flashes of brilliance throughout this whole wedding planning fun.

I could make thank you cards with some more of our engagement photos! So I did!

I decided to do the folded cards so that we could write a little message on the inside, plus that way we could use more photos of us! There was one photo that Kat took that I absolutely loved of the two of us at the stern of the ferry with the Seattle skyline and a perfectly captured seagull (if I didn't remember the bird, I would have sworn Kat photoshopped it in, it's too perfect!). But I'm pretty sure that both Mr. EB and I are squinting (uh, by squinting I mean I'm pretty sure my eyes are full on closed in the photo), so I didn't want to print and frame it (even though it's so pretty!). But using it on a card was perfect. The flat printing and smaller size on the card meant that you could not tell at all about the eyes, and you really focused on the Seattle skyline.

On the inside we used one of my favorite photos of the two of us (we also used this photo on one of our save the dates) and added the "Thank You" in one of the fonts that Shutterfly had in their system.

And voila! Perfect thank you cards for all of the gifts that came in before the wedding (which also meant I was able to write some of the thank yous before the wedding!). 

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