Wednesday, February 2, 2011

Our Finished Invites!

As promised, here are our invitations!

I designed the invitation to fit into a standard #10 envelope because I love the look of longer, narrower invites (and I was following tip #3 of Mrs. Cupcake's 12 Steps to Creating DIY Wedding Invitations - definitely check out her tips if you're thinking of creating your own invitations!). I initially thought that we wouldn't have any inserts, but we ended up with a Weekend Activities card to give people an overview of when things were happening and I decided that I wanted to include an RSVP card. Then it was all held together with a blue belly band.

I promise it looks a hundred times better without the blurry and blacked out information!

We used Poison Ivory cover weight paper and Sapphire Blue Stardream cover weight paper for the main invitation. We printed the text directly onto the ivory paper using my dad's printer (Miss Eggs Benedict's handy tip #1 - did you know that you can switch the paper type in a printer to cardstock? I had NO idea you could do that. I would have saved myself so much grief over getting smudgy invitations if I had known that at the beginning instead of figuring it out halfway through!). I also bought some of the Sapphire Blue paper in text weight in order to use for the belly band. I kind of wish that we had gone with ribbon for the belly band, but oh well, it's too late now!

I wanted to make sure that we had an insert that laid out the weekend plans (since just about everyone on our guest list is from out of town we're inviting everyone to all of the wedding activities). Plus we could include our wedding website yet again so that people could find all of the information they could possibly want about our wedding. And if that failed, I figured they'd e-mail us with more questions (which they have!).

The RSVP card is still my favorite part of our invitation suite. Big huge shout out to hive member CorgiTales for this one. I'm pretty sure I saw similar reply cards before I saw her invites, but her RSVP card definitely stands out as my inspiration (also her whole invitation suite is amazing)! I have to admit, I was a teensy bit nervous about how some of my older relatives and people who don't know us as well would react to receiving a reply card like this. Luckily, the response was fantastic. Everyone I talked to (even my most conservative relatives) absolutely loved the reply card and a lot of people sent back some really funny replies. Yay for everyone understanding my quirky sense of humor!!

The whole package all wrapped up! We secured the belly band with glue dots.

The whole shebang! We used Scriptina for the titles and our names and Lilith for the rest of the information. Both fonts I downloaded for free personal use at Dafont. We used the stamp I ordered from Etsy for the return address on the main envelopes, and our address on the reply envelopes. 

And the pine cone stamp is the perfect finishing touch on the envelopes!

There you have it - our whole invitation suite! I'm really happy with how they turned out, and we've gotten a great response from all of our family and friends. So to all of those out there who are thinking about DIY-ing your invites - I say go for it! (So long as you actually have the time and energy to deal with all of the steps DIY-ing invites requires!).

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  1. Haha! those reply cards are great!! Looking forward to hearing all about your wedding!


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