Tuesday, February 8, 2011

No longer allowed to look

And this is why Mr. EB is no longer letting me look at any type of weather forecast for our wedding day.

Are you freaking kidding me with this after we've had so many days of gorgeous blue sky in the past couple of weeks (or at the very least, cloudy days but no rain??)?

Why yes, that does say "Snow changing to rain" for our wedding day. And scattered flurries for the day before. This is not the first time (or the last time) that I will be praying to whatever god wants to listen that the weather forecast is wrong 10 days out.

Don't worry, I'm breathing deeply and completely aware that nothing I do will affect the weather at all (I'm not that self involved, I swear). No matter what, I know it will be fine. 

It will be fine.

I'm just going to go do some yoga and repeat that to myself a few more times.


  1. I read that and decided to check it! Now I kind of wish I hadn't... I want your sunny day!

  2. snow would be magical. just tell everyone to wear good shoes and bring a fleece :)

    good luck over the next week or so. it's going to be fantastic!

  3. my wedding was the first weekend of September after a long, hot summer. The weather was (shockingly!) a DISASTER! one of the biggest storms we've ever had.

    From the moment I woke up, I just decided not to care. It was the greatest day ever and I think our photos are more original for it!


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