Thursday, February 3, 2011

Girls Day Out

A couple of weekends ago my mom and I had one of those days that have been all to rare during the past year: a girls day where we spent the whole day together with only minimal wedding planning (and no fighting! Only laughing!).

I have to say, it was kind of wonderful. And makes me look forward to more days like that after the wedding is over!

We started the day with brunch on the island. After an omelette for Mom and eggs benedict for me (what, I couldn't resist! It was my first eggs benedict since becoming Miss Eggs Benedict!), we did have to talk a little bit about the wedding. But we kept it light and just went over a couple of checklists of last minute things we need to do. You know, like the seating arrangements and all of the paper products that I had to finish creating and printing! But then we got to put all of that aside and set off for the book store which was the main purpose of our girls day.

See, a girl I went to high school with wrote a book. And not just any book - she and her best-selling author mother wrote a book about how the two of them planned Elizabeth's wedding. 

They were having a reading/Q&A session at the local bookstore, and it came at such the perfect time for me. We're just a couple of weeks until the wedding, and hearing these stories that were so similar to how Mom and I have planned this wedding was so refreshing (and eye opening - it's nice to know that other great mother-daughter relationships had a rough time navigating some of the ups and downs of wedding planning!).

Part of the reason why I loved the book was because I could relate to so many of the stories they tell about their planning time. From trying to decide what side of the Puget Sound the wedding should be on, to buying the dress, to picking the bridal party, I'm pretty sure Mom and I had all of the same, uh, heated discussions.

If anyone is looking for a lighthearted read about someone else's planning, I highly recommend this book - although if you're at the beginning of the planning stages, you might not quite believe some of the things that you'll soon be going through!

After the reading we had a little bit more time to enjoy coffee before I had to take the ferry back to Seattle. I love that being up here means I get to see my parents more - not for any specific purpose, but just to spend time with them. 

Of course, then I had to get back into get-everything-on-my-to-do-list-finished mode so that I have time to spend with everyone who is coming into town this week! Yesterday was my goal date for having everything finished. I may or may not have met it... Did having a drop-dead date work for anyone else?

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