Tuesday, February 1, 2011

Assembling the Invitations

I can only laugh at how our invitations evolved. When Mr. EB and I first got engaged, my only thoughts about the invitations were that we would of course have them made by someone else because there was no way that I could pull off creating pretty invites for our wedding. I didn't think I was creative enough or talented enough to do it, so I figured I'd just leave it to someone else. Plus, I wanted letterpressed invites, and I don't own (or have access to) a press.

But then, the reality of our budget started making itself known, loud and clear, and all of those beautiful letterpressed invitations that I had swooned over flew straight back to the inspiration board. I only got quotes from a couple of places but there was absolutely no way that letterpress was going to be a part of our budget. Bummer. But once I took a hard look at all of the inspiration photos that I gathered over the months of our engagement, I realized that most of the invites that I preferred were text only and not that intricate. Hmm. Maybe I could do this. 

I ended up going back and forth on several different designs until I finally made myself sit down and finish the design that I was happiest with. I sent off several different iterations to my mom and Mr. EB, and luckily their favorite was the one I liked best, too. Success! Of course, then we actually had to print them. And assemble them. And address them. And stamp them.

Luckily for me, we decided to do all of that right around Christmas when my sister would be home so she could help, too. Yay for wedding elves!

Mr. EB helped by taking pictures of the process.

Between the printing, cutting, spraying, trimming and drying we had a lot to do, but luckily we got it all done!

All of the pieces! Weekend activities card, RSVP card and our reply envelopes.

After we let the invites dry overnight we assembled, stuffed and my mom addressed them.

Cody guards the finished invites right before I take them to the post office!

And next time I'll show you what all of the pieces look like together!

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