Friday, January 14, 2011

Showered with Wine

I think I have the best friends. No, seriously, I really do. See, as soon as I got engaged I think the first thing one of my best friends from law school, Marie, asked me was if she could throw me a shower. My response - yes, please! And then she made it even better - she decided to make it a "Stock the Cellar" wine shower! Perfect for someone like me who loves wine and loves finding new wines that other people enjoy.

It was great to have a chance to spend some time with my Portland friends (Mr. EB and I had moved to Seattle just a couple of weeks before the shower so I loved having an excuse to go back so soon!). Also, this way my Mom got to meet some more of my friends who she'd only heard me talk about before.

Me and my mom.

Marie did an awesome job with the decorations (and the food! Seriously - more showers need to involve mini-corndogs. Just saying). Also, how fantastic is the wine rack art piece that they have above their sideboard? I love it!

There was lots of champagne and orange juice for mimosas, but Marie had also made strawberry and mango purees that were SO good with the champagne.

Handmade cupcakes - Marie was our baker-extrordinaire who always made sure we had snacks in law school. I very much miss living close to her!

Marie also planned a couple of different games, including covering the labels of six different bottles of wine and then we had to guess the variety and how expensive each one was (I was shockingly bad at this game - I blame the mimosas!). She also had Mr. EB answer a bunch of different questions and then I had to guess what his answers were. This has become a little bit of a tradition at our group of friends' showers, so I was really touched that she continued it for me (and I was not nearly as bad at this one as I was at guessing the price of the wine). 

Me and my wonderful friends from law school. A couple of other guests had to leave before this picture was taken, so unfortunately I don't have one of all of us.

Thanks for the awesome shower Marie! (Also thanks to her cat for putting up with me trying to pet him all day. He was not a fan.)


  1. That looks awesome!! And those cupcakes look deeeelish!

  2. They were sooo good! I love cupcakes!

  3. What awesome friends you have! They know you well too. Wine, burgers, and cupcakes= the trifecta.


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