Thursday, January 13, 2011

How to be the Almost Perfect Wife*

One of my bridesmaids gave me this book (along with the companion "How to be the Almost Perfect Husband"), and while I thought it would be more of a laugh or a how-to type of book, it actually contains some interesting advice from husbands and wives about how to maintain your relationship and what you need from your spouse.

Some of my favorite advice from How to be the Almost Perfect Wife:

"Be my cheerleader. Believe that I have the talent to achieve my dreams, even if it takes longer than I ever imagined." Ed, 47, married 25 years.

"Accept your husband as the man he is, instead of wishing you could change things here and there." Charles, 38.

"When you're upset about something, talk to me about it. Don't let it become a landmine that later explodes." Norman, 32, married 5 years.

"When I ask for space it doesn't mean I don't love you or that I'm abandoning you: I just need time to regroup." Gary, 41, married 12 years.

And a few from How to be the Almost Perfect Husband:

"When I'm having a bad day and complaining a lot, please just listen. Forget the advice on how to make things better. Just tell me you love me and give me a hug." Becky, 33, married 12 years.

"Hold her hand just because." Debbie.

"Don't just tell others how proud you are of me. Tell me!" Judy, 50+, married 30 years.

"Don't embarrass me or make fun of me in front of other people." Barbara, 68, married 49 years.

*Just to be clear, I don't anticipate ever being a perfect anything! But it doesn't hurt to aim high, especially in your relationship with your partner.

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