Thursday, December 2, 2010

Stress Relief

I'm a pretty emotional person, and generally wear my emotions on my sleeve (as much as I like to think I have a poker face. Ha. Notsomuch). I cry when watching movies (Toy Story 3 was the last one. Also probably Avatar. But I blame the 3D on that one). I cry when reading books (I may or may not have bawled through the entire last few chapters of the sixth Harry Potter. And, um, more high brow literature as well that I just can't think of at the moment). And I'm a very empathetic person which comes through whether it's with literary characters or my own friends.

But when it comes to dealing with my own emotions, I tend to keep things inside. Unfortunately, that's not generally a healthy way of dealing with emotion. Because what often happens when I keep things inside is that the emotions have to find a release one way or another. And a big long excessive amount of crying is usually my release. I actually discovered when I was in law school that it ended up being one of my end of semester rituals. I never noticed it until I was almost out of school, but at some point within a day or so of finishing my last final of the semester, something would trigger a massive emotional breakdown where I just let everything out. I believe it was just the massive amount of stress and pressure that I was putting on myself that wasn't released until all of my studying and finals were over. And if I didn't consciously do something to release it, my body would end up helping the process along.

I haven't realized just how stressed about wedding planning and life I had gotten until I broke down in tears last week. As usual, it was over a stupid and ridiculous argument that Mr. EB and I were having, but it got blown up into so much more in my head and everything came out in a string of words that I'm not really proud of. But it did serve as a big wake up call that it's not at all fair to Mr. EB when I bottle things up and let them explode over ridiculous things. I have to find another escape valve for emotional stress than crying breakdowns. I've been working out a lot more which helps, but I also need to find ways to manage my stress levels in the first place so they don't ever get to the point of me crying hysterically. 

Other than trying to maintain a healthy lifestyle, any other tips out there for managing wedding stress during these last few crazy months (and, you know, for life after wedding planning)?


  1. Yeah, so I dunno if you remember my posts a little before my wedding but I was an emotional mess. Jacin & I used to talk about it all the time. I'm NOT an emotional person at all but I was a sappy, wimpering, teary-eyed bag of mess for like 3 months. I'd cry at commercials, movies, cute stories or pictures I'd see on the blogs. It was rediculous.

    I thought I'd look like a moron the day of our wedding. I was 100% positive that I'd cry the entire way down the aisle and that I'd be panting & have mascara running down my face during the father-daughter dance. Neither happened. I was too nervous & in a fog during the ceremony and my Dad kept tripping on my gown so we laughed during the dance.

    Don't worry about it. I think it's normal - I think any bride who DOESN'T lose her buiscuits at some point, is a freak of nature. ;)

  2. THANK YOU for saying that! It helps a lot to hear it from someone who's already gone through it!


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