Thursday, December 9, 2010

Our Dessert Table

Since seeing this picture yesterday, I can't stop thinking about what our dessert table is going to look like:

Yes, I realize those are appetizers and not desserts. And yes, we'll have appetizers set out like that. But today we're talking desserts!

I mentioned earlier that instead of one cake we're going to be having a dessert table with lots of different bite size treats (along with some sort of smaller cake that we can cut to make the family happy). I love different set ups for dessert tables like this one:

And this:

But as beautiful as those are, they don't really fit with our wedding. We're definitely going to have more of a rustic-chic-elegant theme for our dessert table. That's what I love about the appetizer set up at IslandWood in the first picture. Wooden stands to support different sized platters. Slim wooden trays to show off the desserts. 

More like this (minus the beautiful large cake in the center since we aren't having that):

And how cute are those chalkboard signs? I love them!

Or this:

Or this, with slate rather than wood:

Oooh and how pretty would this stand be for our little cake that we'll cut? 

The best part about this dessert table though? It's trusting the chef and his staff at IslandWood to make it beautiful. I don't know exactly what types of desserts they'll be using but I do know the types of details they have to work with. And it feels incredibly good to let that go and be as surprised by the final product as the rest of the guests.

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