Wednesday, December 8, 2010

Our Beautiful Venue

Oh, you guys! I had the best present come in my google reader. More photos from the IslandWood wedding!!! Every time I see pictures of our venue I get more and more excited about everything. And yes, there is 100% more sunlight in all of these photos but that's ok! Why? Because our February winter wedding is going to be fabulous no matter what the weather (uh, as long as there isn't 5 feet - or 5 inches - of snow the day before).

But look! They got photos in one of the tree houses I showed you. And on the suspension bridge! IslandWood is such a fantastic and special place, and I'm so excited that so many of our friends and family will get to enjoy it with us. Soon it'll be US in those photos!

Apparently they were able to have their dog at the ceremony - but we're still going with no Cody at our wedding though.

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