Monday, December 6, 2010

One Year Later

One year ago, B got down on one knee and asked me a question. It took me a few minutes to get through my surprise and happy tears, but I finally manged to say yes which started us on this wedding planning craziness. 

We celebrate in style around these parts. Cody is suitably impressed, as usual.

Now as we move into the Christmas season again, I look forward to repeating all the traditions we started last year but with one more year behind us. One more year of loving each other and supporting each other through the ups and downs that come with life. 

Our tree!

And getting our tree again this year - I love that just the act of getting our Christmas tree reminds us both of when he proposed and the whole day surrounding it.

A bottle of the same bubbly that we celebrated with last year.

And next year at this time we'll be nearing the end of our first year of marriage. Amazing how as the years pass they seem to speed up, don't they?

And yes, this is what happens when we try to take family pictures without a tripod.

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