Wednesday, December 1, 2010

One Word

I wasn't going to do this. I loved the idea, but I didn't think I had the time or creative energy to do it.

But then I read Kimberly Michelle's entry. And Allie's entry from His Birdie's Nest. And then the one that Nodakademic wrote. And dear lord people, if she has time to do this, I can most definitely find the time. 

But I wasn't sure whether I'd blog my answers (you can participate however you'd like, through blogging, tweeting, sharing photos on Flickr, or however else the prompt speaks to you). I tweeted my answer to today's prompt earlier, but I decided I wanted to elaborate a little bit more tonight. I have a feeling that's how I'll end up doing most of these - answer first on Twitter and decide if I want to say more here later on. 

Today's prompt was to choose a word that encapsulates 2010 for you. And then choose a word for what you believe will encapsulate 2011.

2010: Change - B and I moved cities. I changed jobs (more accurately left a job and have not yet found a new one in our new city), and may have possibly changed careers. My mindset has changed - from generally optimistic about life to... well, I'm not exactly sure what, but to something else. And I don't really like this new mindset. But I'm hoping that by reflecting on this past year I can work through this and begin focusing on what I want out of 2011. Which is:

2011: Passion - B and I are getting married in February and I want to always remember the passion that we had in our early days and do everything I can to keep that alive throughout our marriage. I want to find a career that I'm passionate about. I believe in working to live, rather than living to work, but I also believe that there is work out there that I can be passionate about and look forward to every day. Or if not every day, at least most days. I also want to make sure that I bring passion to my relationships with others - I have some amazing family and friends and I need to do more to let them know that. I need to find more time to spend with them. I need to find more ways to show how important they are to me. 

And finally, I need to remember to bring passion to everything else I do in life. Because if I'm not passionate about it - what's the point?


  1. I really appreciate the idea of keeping passion in so many parts of our lives, not *just* romantic. I wish you passion on the journey and clarity and focus for the journey.


  2. I agree completely - I'm trying very hard to find it, so I'm hoping that by concentrating on it I do a better job of keeping passion in my daily life.


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