Wednesday, December 22, 2010

A Little Help From My Friends

You know what's pretty awesome and amazing about this whole wedding thing? Having some pretty amazing friends do some pretty amazing things, just for you. 

For example, my aunt. My wonderful, fabulous aunt who has designed sets for tv shows, worked on the Oscars, designed windows for Tiffany's on Rodeo Drive - she's been my art director for this whole thing. She's the one who has taken my initial ideas and run with them (like the mason jar candle centerpieces). She's also the one who came out with the amazing idea of live trees for our ceremony backdrop (and then my mom figured out that we could rent the trees from a nearby nursery - seriously, who knew you could do that?). I have complete confidence that the ideas will turn into something gorgeous because of her help.

And then there's my dad's friend who is an advertising and marketing genius. And she's offered to take our little idea of a wine label and turn it into something spectacular. Why? Because my dad asked for her help and she said of course! 

And of course Bridesmaid K who's using all of her amazing contacts to help me look beautiful. Seriously, I couldn't ask for better friends!

It's people like this (and so many more!) who make me feel truly blessed. Our wedding is definitely going to be a coming together of a lot of different people - our community who shaped B and myself and made us the people that we are today. And who continue to give back to us more than we could ever ask for. 


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