Friday, December 17, 2010

Heart Shaped Glassware

Ok, don't think I'm ungrateful, but exactly when, Mr. Executive at Crate and Barrel, did you ever think in your wildest dreams that someone registering for gifts for their wedding would actually use heart shaped stemware? (And I'm pretty positive that it was a man who decided on this particular giveaway gift). 

I'm not even exactly sure what to call this particular shape of glass. Heart shaped champagne flute? Heart shaped beer glass? No clue. All I know is that it feels as though the glass is incredibly thin and will shatter if a breathe too hard on it. Not exactly the type of glass I want to put alcohol into and drink from.

Any ideas what to do with these? Anyone want a free gift who hasn't already gotten theirs from registering at Crate and Barrel?


  1. Sorry I'm no help here - just have to say: BWAHAHAHAHA!!

  2. I know, right? I mean, seriously, what are we supposed to do with these? Especially b/c we use Riedel stemware, so there's no way I'm actually going to put these next to nice glasses! Hmm, I need a white elephant party to go to!


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