Saturday, December 11, 2010


Today's prompt is to list 11 things that you could do without in 2011, how you would eliminate them and how eliminating them would change your life. 

The 11 things I am going to eliminate in 2011 are:

1. Wasting time. I've had too much time these past few months and I don't feel I have been as productive with it as I should have been. 

2. Avoiding my sewing machine. I have so many projects that I want to create (several of which are for my wedding so I should really get on that, like soon!).

3. Clutter. I hate clutter. I hate piles of stuff. It drives me crazy. So why do I let it sit there until I go nuts? Why can't I just put things away as necessary, or file papers when I'm done with them?

4. Not being open to others. I have a very bad habit of closing myself off to B and family and friends when I get scared, upset, or anxious about my future. Instead of walling them off I really need to open up to them about why I'm feeling that way. Worrying by myself does no good. Talking things through actually helps me to figure out what's really bothering me so I can take steps to address it. Why do I keep learning that lesson over and over again? When will it stick?

5. Dirty dishes. Ha. I wish I could eliminate dirty dishes in 2011. But seeing as I'm not about to start using only paper plates, I don't think that's really an option. Maybe I can just be better about getting them into the dishwasher so I don't stare at them in the sink quite as often.

6. Thinking too far ahead. I have a nasty habit of always thinking about what's next, what's coming up in the future, rather than staying grounded in the present and paying attention to now. I'd like to really focus on the present in 2011.

7. Unread books. I have SO many books on my shelves that I haven't read yet. And there are so many books that I haven't bought yet that I want to read. I need to step out of the comfort zone of re-reading stories that I've read many times before and read all of my unread books.

8. Soda. This one I've actually been doing a good job of cutting out almost completely now. In law school I drank entirely too much diet coke. I practically lived on that and coffee. I still drink coffee, but I want to completely eliminate soda. It has no healthful value so there's no reason I need to be consuming it.

9. Laziness. I'm not entirely happy about my weight right now, and while I'm actively working on losing weight (by eating better and working out), in 2011 I need to curb the laziness and not let myself get back up to an unhealthy weight. There's no excuse for not continuing with working out and eating healthy. None.

10. Negative thoughts. This is another issue that I have struggled with all of my life. I can be really unkind to myself sometimes. Why do I let myself get away with this? If I heard someone else saying things like that about any of my friends I'd definitely stop them. Why is it ok to say those things about myself? 

11. My need to be perfect. I'm all for striving to do your best in everything you put your mind to, but no one is perfect and I certainly never will be. I can't let the fear of not attaining perfection stop me from trying. 

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  1. I wish I had any ability to sew whatsoever. I have no idea - I'm always amazed at people who can.

    And PLEASE use your dishwasher -- if for no other reason than for my sake. We don't have one.


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