Wednesday, December 8, 2010


I kind of loved today's prompt - Think about what makes you different and what you do that lights people up? 

Um, a lot of things. I'm not entirely certain how these differences light people up, except that most of these definitely make people smile or laugh (my best friend cannot stop laughing when she sees me silently freak out in a crowd of pigeons). But these definitely make me different. And, I like to think, endearing.

For starters? I am deathly afraid of pigeons. It's ok when there's just one or two of them, but the big flying packs of them that get started when people are feeding them? Freaks me out completely. It didn't help that I saw The Core when I visited a friend of mine in France right before we went to Venice. What, you don't go see huge terrible American blockbusters when you were in France? Yeah, that's totally what I did as a college student. But I LOVE me some natural disaster movies. Seriously - favorite genre ever. Hey - there's another thing that makes me different! Everyone else I know can't stand 'em. Anyway though, back to France. At the beginning of The Core (for the 90% of you who haven't seen this awesomely horrible movie) there's a scene set in London where the pigeons go crazy. Apparently it's due to magnetic fields being off and they could no longer navigate. But what it really meant was that they went crazy and dive bombed people and buses and Trafalgar Square. Yeah, not cool. Needless to say, I was happy to have already been to Trafalgar Square many times when I studied in London and had no desire to go back after seeing this movie.

But then we went to Venice. And have any of y'all BEEN to the Piazza San Marco? Holy mother of pigeons everywhere. Seriously - and of course the Venetians have figured out that the idiot tourists LOVE the pigeons so they sell them bird food and these people VOLUNTARILY stand there and let pigeons fly all around them to get the food! Are these people insane or what? (not to mention how completely unsanitary that all is - yuck!).

So, uh, yeah. No pigeons. Flocking pigeons are an awesome way to see me freak out.

As I mentioned earlier, another thing that makes me different is my choice in movies. Yes, I'll go see just about anything (well, not in the theaters anymore. I'm too cheap to see most movies in the theaters now). But if it's a natural disaster film? Hell yes I want to see it on the big screen! Come on - Yellowstone blowing up and California falling into the sea in 2012? The Atlantic Ocean burying New York in The Day After Tomorrow? The volcanic eruption in Dante's Peak???

I might be obsessed. It's ok. You can tell me.

I am also a fount of random trivia about many different sports. Yes, many others know much more than I do, but I always manage to surprise people with my random knowledge. I'm not sure if they think I just don't know anything about sports or what, but the surprised look on a person's face who doesn't know me very well when I start spouting off about golf or football always makes me laugh.

And finally? I love to re-read books. It doesn't matter if I've read it once before or 20 times before. Whenever I pull out a story that I've already read before, it's like curling up with an old friend I haven't seen in a long time and revisiting our shared history. I love it. Which is one reason why there are so many unread books on my shelf. Because 9 times out of 10, I go for a story I've already read. 


  1. Yay for reverb10ers! I totally made that word up. Great post!

  2. Total ditto on the random sports knowledge. I really love it when random guys try to up me on things because they really have no idea how much I know. :) I got into a spirited debate about "THE" Ohio State University a few weeks ago with a Big 10-er who insisted that was a new marketing scheme and that he was the end-all/be-all expert on anything in the Big-10. Probably 2 hours later, he was asking where Troy Smith went to college. I paused a second and just said, "THE Ohio State University." :)

  3. Ha! I love it. I got a chance to go to the Masters last year and had so much fun talking with my cousin about golf. My sister just kept looking at me the whole time wondering how on earth I knew what I was talking about!


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