Saturday, November 20, 2010

Why I'm glad our wedding isn't this weekend

Alternative title: Why working out might actually kill me.

I've been doing P90X for a couple of weeks now and so far I really like it. I get a great workout every day, the exercises are challenging, and I love the sore muscles afterwards (yeah, I know I'm weird like that).

Yesterday, however, I learned that I just might end up killing myself if I'm not careful. See, I can't quite do the pull ups yet, so I've been doing the alternative band exercises which meant that I had to find something high up to attach my band to. I had a metal over the door hook which I assumed would be sturdy enough for something like this (I mean, it's metal! Metal doesn't break, right? At least not with the force that I can exert on it? Right? Right??). Ha, yeah. Oops. This is what ended up happening about half way through yesterday's workout:

Yeah. That's what my chest now looks like after the metal hook broke and sling shotted into my chest. At first I thought the band had snapped and I didn't even realize how badly it had scraped down my chest until I looked into a mirror. That was when I realized that the metal had broken in half. So I now have a massive bruise on my collar bone (it's gotten darker since I took that photo yesterday. It looks pretty awesome, let me tell you), and the scrape down the center of my chest. Also, I don't know if you can tell but the whole right collar bone area swelled up hugely after it happened. It's gone down since then, but I really thought I had done something more serious at first. Luckily, it's scarf weather so I don't have to inflict this sight on anyone else, and I have three months for everything to heal before it's time to wear my dress.

But it does make me think that maybe I should try to be more careful when it gets closer to the wedding. I don't mean to hurt myself, but I am pretty good at it (one of the reasons I could never wear a short dress is because my legs are always covered in bruises and scrapes from the random things I do to myself. Luckily all those will be covered so I don't have to worry about that!). Does anyone else have these kinds of klutzy, hurting yourself in weird ways tendencies? Any suggestions for not accidentally killing myself before the wedding?

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  1. AAAAH! I put my band hook (it's a ball that's hooked on the band) in between my door and I shut the door and PRAYED it wouldn't break. How scary! I can't even imagine how much that hurt. Yikes!


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