Saturday, November 27, 2010

What about Cody?

I've told you about the second love of my life - my furbaby Cody. It's no secret that I treat him like a child - he's the one who lets me give him all the cuddles I want, and his kisses always help cheer me up after a bad day (not to mention when Mr. EB brings Cody to pick me up he goes nuts like he hasn't seen me for years. How can you not love something like that??). And especially when he's all curled up and cozy looking like this:

But alas, Cody will not be around for our wedding day. For one, IslandWood doesn't allow dogs. So it actually made our decision pretty easy. But as much as I would love to have pictures like this on our wedding day:

Or this:

Or this:

I'm pretty sure Cody would be doing his best to jump up and give me puppy kisses, and given the high likelihood of mud that doesn't sound like the best idea to someone who will be wearing a white dress. Or he would attempt to play fetch with the flowers.

But holy cow, seriously, how cute are those pictures???

But the more important reason why I wouldn't have Cody around even if it was allowed is for his own comfort. Cody does really well with Mr. EB and myself, but he can get pretty nervous in crowds. Especially when there are a lot of different people who he doesn't know very well who want to pet him. Cody is a rescue dog and when I first got him he did not like or trust men. It took Mr. EB awhile to gain Cody's trust and convince him that he wasn't a threat. And while Cody does much better meeting strangers now, including men, I still prefer not to put him in situations where he'll be scared or nervous. Especially on a day when I can't give him my full attention.

So Cody will be spending the weekend at the kennel (since all of my friends who would ordinarily dog-sit for me will be at the wedding!). Luckily he'll only have to be there a couple of days and then my parents or friends can watch him when Mr. EB and I take a few days for ourselves after the wedding. Even though I know it's for the best, it still make me a teensy bit sad that we won't be able to get pictures like that. 

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