Sunday, November 28, 2010

Weekend rituals

One of my favorite things about fall and winter weekends are lazy Sundays. B and I love to make yummy breakfasts (sometimes together, sometimes one of us makes it if the other is out running or *ahem* sleeping in a bit more...), including bacon, eggs, potatoes and whatever else we have to whip up. When we're at my parent's house grits and homemade cinnamon rolls make an appearance and turn our Northwest table into a little slice of the south. 

After breakfast we curl up on the couch for my second favorite part of lazy Sundays - football! One of the reasons I love living on the West Coast is that we get football all day long on Sunday and can still go to bed early! Throughout the day we'll clean or do laundry as necessary, but we always end up back on the couch in front of whatever game is on. 

Since B has been back in school this fall and wedding errands have kept us busy, we haven't been able to jointly partake in this lazy Sunday ritual as much as we'd both like. But on days like today with my sweats on and down slippers warming my feet as I wait for the Seahawks game to start, it makes me very very thankful for the lazy Sundays that we do get to share together. 

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