Tuesday, November 2, 2010

Technology Fail

Ugghhhh. Technology is wonderful, right? It allows us all to be connected, and post really unflattering pictures for all the world to see on Facebook, and for me to write these amazing posts that entertain and amaze you (or at least help you to waste a few minutes of your day)... but there's always a dark side. And last week it found me.

My laptop finally bit the dust.

My trusty, faithful, even if it sometimes pretended like it wouldn't start, would always come through in the clutch laptop died. Granted, this laptop has been with me for over five years, three of which I carried it to and from every law school class (except Securities and Accounting for Lawyers when the prof banned laptops, so Marie and I resorted to old school notebooks to write our notes on during class. What, you didn't know that law school is like middle school all over again? Totally is. Ask any law student you know). Ahem, anyway. Yeah. Dead laptop. And if you follow me on twitter, you know I was bitching up a storm about this over the weekend. Why? Because I committed the cardinal sin of dying laptops. 

I had not yet backed up.

Now, before you tell me what a moron I am, hear me out. I knew that this day was coming and about a month and a half ago I backed up EVERYTHING (well, apparently not actually everything - who knew that you had to back up iTunes playlists separately from your music files? Or that when you started using Chrome because you thought it could sync all your bookmarks to every computer, it turns out that you actually had to check some little box to make them sync??? ARGH. Yes, another technology fail). Right. Back to the first technology fail. So, I had almost everything important backed up, including pictures and music and documents, so we're all good, right? And we'd been smart and were using Google docs for all of our wedding spreadsheets, so we're totally fine, right? RIGHT? Uh, no.

See about a month ago, I decided that I wanted to create and design our invitations. So I did. I created lots of different drafts and shared them with B and my parents (but only after converting them to jpgs so that the fonts would show up correctly which means I don't have the Word drafts in my e-mail, of course not, that would be way too easy), and settled on a great design and had it all figured out so that I could get three of them to a sheet of paper and even drew on the freaking marks so I would know where to cut them!

See where this is going? Did you catch the timeline there? Yeah, the invitations totally didn't get backed up. Neither, it turns out, did a lot of my latest inspiration pictures which I had so cleverly saved in a folder marked "Pics that still need to be copied." You know, so that I would remember that I still needed to copy them over to the desktop and external hard drive so that they would be backed up? Sigh.

All hope is not completely lost, however. We think that the hard drive is ok (though I may have not so gently dropped the laptop on the ground in anger and also because hitting the bottom of it had successfully caused it to turn on in the past, so the hard drive might actually be kaput at this point, but we don't know yet), and B found a cord that should hopefully be able to connect my new-to-me-laptop (thank goodness for Dad's old laptop that he hated but works fine for me because I'm much too broke to be able to afford another one at the moment!) to the old one and perhaps save some of these things that I no longer have. I hope. Please. I mean, it'd be really nice to have that work out after several crappy days.

So - moral to this story is (really? Do I really have to tell you? Can you not see this one coming?) BACK UP YOUR WORK!!! Especially if you know that you have a laptop with a propensity to not turn on, maybe backing up more often than every two months (or even two days!) is a good call! And the second moral is to drink a lot of wine when you finally realize that your stuff is gone to ease the pain. And the last one is to be really nice to your fiance when he's trying to save your stuff or at least figure out a way you might be able to access it again, instead of freaking out and crying and generally being an asshat. Not that I would know from personal experience. Just a guess. 

And then buy your fiance a really nice bottle of wine to make up for dealing with the crying and general pain-in-the-assness.

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