Monday, November 8, 2010


So remember last week when I told you about my laptop catastrophe and how I managed to lose some important things even though we have an external hard drive and another computer that serve as our two places to back stuff up?

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Well guess what?? We saved the hard drive from the busted laptop and I got my stuff back!!! Woo hoo!

And of course I'm using "we" extremely loosely here. B was the one who figured out what cord we needed to get, how to break the hard drive out of the laptop (without, you know, actually breaking it) and then how to hook everything up to the new-to-me laptop so that I could copy stuff over. WIN! Now I have the documents that I had forgotten to back up, and the new-to-me laptop is starting to feel like it's my old computer (instead of a loaner - yes, I'm only borrowing it until I can afford a new one, but it's nice to make it feel a little bit more like mine. Except this one turns on. Which is awesome).

Going through all of this has made me realize once again how much I appreciate being part of a team. I spent a good part of my 20s being single and having to depend on myself to solve my own problems. I'm really happy that I had that time to figure things out, but it's still hard for me to admit when I need help sometimes. I also often spend longer on some problems purely because I want to figure out for myself what the answer is or how something works. This often drives B crazy, especially when he knows how to fix what I broke. But I've slowly been learning how to ask for help when I need it, and accept help when it's offered. And remembering that ultimately we're in this thing together and helping each other is part of the deal. 

And when all else fails, a nice bottle of pinot noir helps with anything.

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