Friday, November 26, 2010

Roll Over!

I haven't taught Cody too many tricks beyond the normal obedience commands and shake. But a few days ago I decided that he needed something to show off to Mom and Dad when we went home for Thanksgiving. Roll over it was! (Unfortunately due to the power outage and the change of venue for Thanksgiving, they didn't get to see this in person. But that's why we have video!)

Here he is doing his best impression of a dog who's not entirely certain what the crazy lady wants but really wants the cookie in her hand:

Please pardon the sweats. It's been really cold the last few days. Also the ridiculous voice. Am I the only one who's not a fan of hearing her voice when it's been recorded?

I love teaching him new tricks! I need to do this more often. Even though so far with this one he won't do it unless he knows I have a cookie ready and waiting for him. But he'll figure out the command sans cookie soon enough. 

Any other ideas for puppy tricks? (And no, he's not actually a puppy - he'll actually be six next spring. But he still acts like one, so I keep calling him one!)

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