Monday, November 22, 2010

Return to Sender

I've been wanting to get a cute return address stamp ever since Mr. EB and I moved in together. Luckily I didn't get one until now, because we've moved three times since our first place together (what, you guys don't move that often?). But since we're (hopefully) not going to be moving again for a little while, and I really didn't want to handwrite our return address on every single wedding invitation, I went looking for a stamp.

I kept looking at different stamps on Etsy - like this one:

And this one:

Oh, and this one, too:

But I just couldn't pull the trigger. Then I thought about using Impress Rubber Stamps to just design my own. But I was lazy and didn't really want to do that. But THEN - I saw this stamp and knew it was the one:

I love the font and I love the casualness of just using our first names. Plus, I can use it as the return address stamp on our wedding invitations since it doesn't have only Mr. EB's last name on it (and since that's not my name yet I'd feel weird using it now), but I can also use it after the wedding without feeling odd that it still had my maiden name on it. 

In any event, it came the other week and I LOVE it! They did a great job and sent me the proof and then the actual stamp incredibly quickly. And it's a great addition to our invitations!


  1. It's cute! I'm an idiot. One of my friends sent us a card addressed to just our 1st names w/ address. I didn't know you could do that. LOL

  2. It's probably not the most surefire way to ensure delivery, but it was too cute and I couldn't resist. Hopefully not too many response cards will go missing...


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