Wednesday, November 17, 2010

Recording the guests

I've never really liked the traditional guestbook. What do you do with a list of names after the wedding is over? I understand that it's meant to be a record of the guests who attended your wedding, and usually people write a little something to go along with their name, but I want something a little bit more than that. Something like Mrs. Hamster's Wishes, Advice and Predictions board:

I love the idea of giving guests a little bit of a prompt and seeing what they'll come up with - wishes, predictions and advice for the future. What more could you ask for?

Except that when I first brought up this idea to my mom she looked a little confused. Like - why don't I want a book for everyone to sign? Well, mainly because I didn't want to think about creating one. Because as I said, I don't want a guestbook that's just lines for people to sign their names. I'd rather make a book with pictures of Mr. EB and me, or maybe of our guests, but I just didn't want to add another project to the list.

But then! I remembered I made a free book with Picaboo when they had a special going a few months ago. I wanted to try out their service, and did I mention it was free? So I made a book that had our favorite engagement photos and I even put our wedding date on the front. Which means, it's the perfect option for a guestbook to go along with the wish jar!

These are just a few of the pages - don't worry, there's a lot more white space where people can sign on the other pages.

I think it's perfect and we can leave them all on the same table so that hopefully people will do both. But this way we'll get to have the wishes and predictions that I want, and we can have a book to collect people's thoughts in as well. I love when things work out without me having to add projects to the list!


  1. That's a really great idea. We didn't have one because - to be honest, I never sign them. But I've been to a wedding since where they had a wooden storage bench that they'd use in their home. They had guests sign it, then they sealed it - it looks awesome.

  2. I love the bench idea - I've also seen quilt squares for people to sign. I really like that idea too, but I'm afraid that I'd just let them sit around forever and not actually make the thing afterwards...


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