Friday, November 19, 2010

Other weddings

After our wedding in February I don't have any other weddings that I'm going to (at least not that I know of yet). I'm definitely on the tail end of most of my friends to get married, so that's not too big a shocker. But there is one other wedding in 2011 that I am incredibly excited to see how it comes together -

Yes, I fully admit to being fascinated by the Royal Family. I love the pomp and circumstance that surrounds them, and the incredible history of the monarchy. And when I studied in London I may or may not have had a certain fantasy about how I would run into him somewhere and we'd fall madly in love and get married. Alas, I'm marrying B and he's marrying Kate so it's not meant to be (yeah, that's the ONLY reason it's not meant to be, I know).

I watched the interview that they gave the other day and they just seem so happy and relaxed together. And I love that he proposed with Diana's ring. I've seen a lot of debate on the interwebs over whether or not it's odd given how Diana and Charles' marriage ended, but I think it's incredibly sweet. He wanted his mother to be a part of the excitement, and he wanted to share something special of hers with his soon-to-be wife. I love it.

And can I just say that the dress Kate (or is she Catherine now?) wore during her interview was absolutely phenomenal. I LOVE that color and it works so perfectly for her.

Congrats to Wills and Kate and I can't wait to see how this royal wedding shapes up!


  1. Yep - I've said it a dozen times: my inner Anglophile is totally geeking out. Love it.

    I HATE that they want her to use Catherine. I might work for some media outlets but the UK tabloids will never go for it.

    Oh & I've been searching for who makes that dress for like 3 days!!

  2. Me too! So excited :) And the dress is from the Issa London collection, founded by Brazilian designer Daniella Issa Helayel (according to I think it's one of my favorite dresses now.


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