Wednesday, November 10, 2010

Getting the look together

I've talked before about how I want my hair to be on our wedding day - some sort of low chignon so that my hair is pulled back and out of my face all day. While I love when my hair is down, I know that for a day like our wedding I'm not going to want to have to deal with it at all once it's done. This is still one of my favorite hair-spiration pictures:

I will probably do a smoother look in the front, but I like that the back is just a little messy so it still looks like natural hair rather than hair that's been shellacked to within an inch of its life.

I've also showed you the veil that I will be wearing - as a reminder it's the same veil that my mom, her siblings and my cousins have all worn.

But I also really want a hair flower to complete my look. I'm not planning on wearing the veil for too long after the ceremony because it's so old and delicate and I would hate for anything to happen to it. So including a hair flower in my look means that I still have something pretty in my hair even after the veil comes off.

There have been so many great hair flower tutorials around the web, including this one and this one. As much as I love those two (seriously, seeing Mrs. Buttons' hair flower in action it's so gorgeous!), I wasn't positive that was the type of hair flower I wanted to make for myself. It wasn't until I saw the tutorial from Mrs. Frog showing the flower that her mom made that I realized the type of flower I wanted to make for myself - a chiffon ribbon flower like this one!

This flower actually attached to a sash on Mrs. Frog's dress, but I think I can attach this to a comb and use it in my hair. The airiness of the chiffon is beautiful, and I think something like this could work better with my dress than if I were to create a hair flower like one of the other tutorials.


  1. That veil is gorgeous and I love the history behind it. I got my hair flower off etsy. Maybe check for brides selling theirs?

  2. Aww thank you! And yes, I'm definitely checking out etsy and other boards for hair flowers.


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