Monday, November 15, 2010

Fun With Scanning Guns

One of the things that I've been looking forward to, but also kinda dreading, was creating our registry. I'm pretty sure this is something that you're supposed to do before you get to the less than hundred day mark, but apparently we like to leave things until a little later in the process (and yeah - I now know how much time we have until the wedding because both of our registries have a huge countdown on the front page. Yikes!).

At first I thought that we'd just create an Amazon registry since they have the Universal Registry option, so we could add anything that we wanted to it. But then we realized that there are some people who prefer going to an actual store to pick something out. So we created registries at Macy's and Crate and Barrel along with our Amazon registry. 

We started at Macy's and had entirely too much fun with the scanning gun. Or at least Mr. EB did - he's a big fan of getting to play with any kind of toy. Of course, since we were having so much fun, this is the only picture I ended up getting of the process:

This is Mr. EB's way of telling me to put the camera down already. 

It was actually a pretty fun process - partially because the consultants were busy with other people so we were left to our own devices to wander the store, and partially because it ended up being a lot of fun picking things out. We decided that we really wanted to keep our registry to items that we would love to have but wouldn't necessarily buy for ourselves. Plus, since Mr. EB and I live together we have a lot of things that are in perfectly good condition, like our everyday dishes and flatware. But we did decide we wanted to register for nice china, so we found a pattern that we liked with a price that didn't give me a heart attack.

We also added some new All Clad pots and pans, a larger Le Creuset oval baker and a new tea kettle (because we use ours every day and it's definitely time for a new one). And of course I had to add the ubiquitous Kitchen Aid mixer. I know that it's almost a cliche at this point for being on everyone's registry, but I have put off buying this for myself about three times this year because everyone told me to put it on our registry. I have to admit, I am going to be a teensy bit sad if we don't end up getting this from someone. 

The last thing that I really wanted to register for was silver. I know that this isn't on many people's registries anymore, but I love the idea of having a set of silver to use on special occasions (or even on those non-special days when you just want to make your table a little prettier). I've always loved my mom's set and I just assumed that we'd add silver to our registry and see if anyone wanted to give us some. Unfortunately, I nearly keeled over in shock when I realized just how expensive silver patterns are these days. Some of the patterns are $400 for a four piece setting! There was no way that I could ask someone to shell out nearly $100 per fork for me. Even though I know that registries are just suggestions and that you aren't actually asking anyone to buy anything for you, people still judge. And I had already questioned adding some of the $100 pots to our registry, so no way was $400 silver being added.

But after we got back, I was talking to my mom and I told her that as I was looking at silver patterns, my favorite one was Joan of Arc:

Her reaction? "That's MY pattern!" I just had to start laughing - one of the reasons that I liked it was because it looked similar to hers, but I had no idea I had managed to pick exactly her pattern out of the thousands that are out there! Ultimately we decided to add a link to a site that sold that pattern on our Amazon registry. I'm a little concerned about coming across as greedy for wanting something that's so expensive, but on the other hand, silver is a pretty standard registry addition, so maybe people won't think twice about it?


  1. Confession: I HATED wedding planning. But LOVED registering. It's just fun to imagine baking for the holidays & future children's b-days in that mixer - stuff like that.

    To be honest - if you love it, add it.
    a)you'll be surprised what people will spend (in both directions)
    b) you get X% off of whatever's left on your registry once you're married, so even if no one buys it - you can.
    c) there are people (esp. older relatives) who will want to buy formal things like good china or silverware for you.

    My mom actually made me add more to our registries for the last reason. I also registered for the same crystal patter that my mom has - if 1 breaks, she's got backups. If you're sure you'll someday inherit your mother's flatware, maybe just register for a few place settings? My mom still uses my grandmother's tea-set, I know someday it'll be mine, so we didn't get one. Think forever - not just about now. That's the awesome part.

    Ok, novel over. ;)

  2. That's the kind of thing that I keep trying to remind myself. And you're right - most of the things that we're registering for will last us forever, so it's ok to ask for quality pieces. And yeah - I'm definitely excited about the registry discount for afterwards!


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