Monday, November 29, 2010

Exciting News!

I've been waiting to share this for what feels like forever and she finally announced it - one of my bridesmaids is pregnant!! She was amazingly sweet about telling me too - she called to let me know and even offered to step down if I thought the look wouldn't be right. Of course I called her out on that immediately and told her that nothing would make me happier than to have her standing up for me, all preggo and awesome!* 

Which means - we get to look for insanely cute black maternity dresses for her! She's not going to buy something until closer to our wedding to make sure that whatever she gets will fit (she's not sure how big she'll be by then), but I wanted to find some contenders for her in the mean time.

I think Bridesmaid C is going to check out what's available when she's home over Christmas. This is just one more reason why I'm so happy I decided to go with black dresses - I think this would have been much more of a pain if we had decided on a dress that had to be special ordered (or at least possibly more expensive with alterations or other costs). There are so many cute black maternity dresses out there, so I know she'll find something she likes! So many friends have announced their pregnancies recently, but Bridesmaid C is one of my oldest friends, and I'm so excited for her and her husband! I just wish they lived a little bit closer so I could help spoil the little one when he or she arrives next year!

*I also made sure to impress upon her the importance of listening to her doctor and if there were any sort of complications I would hate for her to travel to our wedding. Of course she knows that, but she still said she'd do anything in her power to make it. I love that girl!


  1. Aww congrats to her! I went to a wedding last month & the MOH was pregnant. She wore a 1 shoulder dress with an empire waist. She looked awesome!

  2. I'm SO happy for her! I was so excited when she called me to let me know. And she's gonna be the cutest pregnant woman!


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