Tuesday, November 9, 2010

Bring It.

A few months ago I talked about how I really wanted to lose weight and tone up before the wedding. I went to two months of classes at the Bar Method which I really liked - sadly once their special was up I could no longer afford it. Plus I moved and the studio up here is much farther from my place and I just wouldn't be able to make it to classes very often. And then between packing, unpacking, having no money to join a gym or find another class that I liked, I just haven't been motivated to work out at all. So I haven't. I have been eating better, but I know myself - I need to have exercise in my day and that combined with eating better is what will help me lose the weight I want to before the wedding.

But I wasn't sure what I wanted to do that would keep me motivated and stick with it through the wedding. It's getting cold and rainy here in the Northwest, and while I'm slowly learning to like to run, I really hate running in the rain. Like, I absolutely despise it. So there's no way in hell that running outside was going to happen on any sort of regular basis. I looked into a gym membership and my mom even offered to pay for 3 months of a membership as an early Christmas present. But then I started talking with a friend about P90X. She's been doing it for about a month and had some really good things to say about this program and the workout that it gave you, and so after reading other reviews and talking to more friends I decided that I'd rather get this and be able to work out in my living room with a detailed plan to follow for 12 weeks.

I've only had it one day, but I am already feeling it (especially in my quads and hamstrings). And while I'm sore, I freaking love it because I believe that if you aren't sore the next day it means you didn't work out hard enough. I'm pretty sure I'm channeling my old water polo and swim coaches with that train of thought, but it's what keeps me going even when I want to die.

I took some "before" pictures of myself so that I can have some comparison shots after I finish the program, and I wanted to post this one here to increase my own accountability and keep me honest. 

I feel like I look angry in this picture - I blame the angle of the camera and not being prepared for the timer to go off!

Even though my dress fits me now (so I don't actually have to lose anything - in fact I barely need any alterations right now), I really want it to fit me better at the end of the three month program. Ultimately, my goal is not to lose a specific amount of weight (though I do have a target goal in mind), but rather I want to fit into my clothes better and I want to feel good about the way my body looks in the dress. I really want to look back at my wedding and feel great about the way I looked. Vain? Absolutely. But this will likely be the most photographed day of my life and I don't want to look at the pictures and only see flaws. I'd much rather look at the pictures and be able to focus on the love and celebration that I know the day will bring. So, in the words of Tony Horton, P90X trainer extreme, I'm going to bring it and go do today's work out.

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