Friday, October 8, 2010

Where do your earrings live?

I've used several different methods to store my jewelry over the years, but I've never really found anything that I thought was both stylish and functional. For a long time I've hung my earrings and necklaces on a wooden rack that I got when I was in high school. It worked ok, but I noticed that my jewelry was getting pretty tarnished while hanging on it. It wasn't so bad when I didn't have as many pairs of earrings and I wore them all pretty often, but lately I've gotten into a groove of wearing only a few pieces. Which means that the others were just sitting on the rack and getting tarnished (most of my jewelry is silver). I also had some other pieces sitting in a wooden bowl on top of my dresser. Now, apparently wood helps to hasten tarnishing. Who knew? Why, yes, I am just learning this at 29 years old. 

Since we moved I've been on the lookout for something new that I can use to corral everything so it doesn't take over my dresser, but still have it on display so I wear more of my jewelry (I find that when it's out of sight I just forget that I even have it). I've found a few new items, and I'm really excited with how it keeps things together now.

I feel like this picture makes my dresser look really cluttered - I blame the fact that you can't see the whole dresser top, because there's a lot of open space in front. Also, the two yellow notes on the mirror are from B when we moved into our first apartment. He didn't move in for another month, so he left me notes to find as I unpacked over the next few days. He's kind of awesome like that.

Awhile back I read a post on Young House Love about how Sherry keeps her earrings in a ceramic egg crate. She found hers at the Container Store, but I ended up ordering mine from here. I've only had it for a few days, but so far I really like it. 

I love that I can now display all of the earrings I like to wear, but they're not hanging somewhere that's going to make them tarnish! (Yes, I do realize that I need to clean all of my jewelry now, but well, that hasn't happened yet). While I was at the Container Store looking for the egg crate, I did find a necklace tree that I thought would work well for my lighter necklaces. I've started wearing necklaces a lot more now, and it's much easier to find them when they're displayed like this instead of collected at the bottom of a dish (not to mention they get tangled much less often!).

And for my bigger statement necklaces that won't fit on the tree, I'm just hanging them on the hooks by my dresser. I am horrible about constantly dropping my sweats and pajamas in front of my dresser, so to combat that, I decided to hang hooks on the wall, which is where I'm trying to remember to put clothes instead of letting them end up on the floor. And bonus - the extra hook on the end works great for more necklaces!

Finally, I keep my bracelets in this bowl. I think my mom (or my sister?) gave me this to me a few years ago, and it works pretty well for this. I love cuff bracelets, and I like that I can just sort of hang them off the rim. Of course, now you can see how really tarnished a couple of them are (and the really shiny silver one which my mom just gave me for my birthday a few weeks ago. Thanks Mom!).

So how do you keep your jewelry accessible while stored? And what are your best tips for cleaning silver? I think that will be this weekend's project...


  1. do you mean cuff bracelets? :)

    I have that same jewelry tree! Love it, b/c I store my earrings in the tray at the bottom. I am making an earring holder, but I've been too lazy thus far to finish it.

    Re: cleaning silver: make a paste of baking soda and water, and use it on a cloth to rub the silver. Works like a charm.

  2. Ha, whoops. Yes. Changing that now. Apparently editing at 11pm means I miss a few things...

    And great tip for cleaning silver! I'll have to try that this weekend.


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