Tuesday, October 26, 2010

Telling the story

Have I mentioned how much I love my photographer, Kat? Because I so do. She is such a fantastic person and artist, and I'm so excited that I get to hang out with her during the wedding weekend. 

I've talked about her before when I shared our engagement pictures, but after I saw the photos that she took of Mary Kate and Paul's wedding up in Bellingham, I just had to share them. One of my favorite aspects of Kat's work is how she tells the story of the day. And yes, that's what a wedding photographer is supposed to do, but I really feel like when I look at Kat's pictures that you get deeper into the day and into the couple's story than with other photographers. And of course, all of her detail shots are fabulous (and no, it's not all about the details, but we all want fabulous photos of the details that we do add to our wedding!).

The other part about this wedding that made me smile was the rain - yes, I know, that's not usually something that would make you smile when thinking of a wedding day, but as someone who's preparing for rain on her wedding day, it's nice to know that the photographs will still be beautiful. (But we're definitely planning for our wedding to be indoors! I love that they had the umbrellas and went ahead with the outdoor wedding here, but methinks that with the cold in February, our guests would not be so pleased if we did that). 

I'm not reposting all of the pictures that Kat posted (go here to see them!), but these are just a few of my favorite shots. (All photos are the property of Persimmon Images and are subject to copyright. They have been used here with permission.)


Yay, pretty umbrellas!

As I get farther into the wedding planning process and see more and more pictures of weddings, I'm always drawn to "first look" photos. I first came across this idea several years ago at a friend's wedding. Before that I had never heard of a couple doing a first look prior to the ceremony. I love this idea so much, to give the bride and groom a private moment before the absolute craziness and emotion of the day takes over. Right now B and I are planning on doing a first look, and I cannot wait until the moment when B and I see each other for the first time all dressed up.  


The emotion that's conveyed just gives me chills (not to mention I think Mary Kate's dress is gorgeous, and I LOVE the grey suit!)

And some more detail shots:

I love this flower/ring shot - I think the water droplets on the dahlia and the back ground light are just beautiful! 


I love that cake - it's just the style of cake that I tried to convey to our baker, but I think we'll probably end up with just one or maybe two tiers for the cake that we cut for each other.




And finally - some reception photos! These make me so happy because I love s'mores (we're going to have a big bonfire with s'mores after our Friday night welcome dinner).



Just beautiful! Fantastic job, Kat - can't wait to see more!

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