Sunday, October 3, 2010

Lovely weekend

This weekend was great, but oh so very tiring.  My "Stock the Cellar" shower was fabulous, and my friends gifted me with some amazing bottles of wine (all of which came with some great stories).  I can't wait to get pictures from Marie and my mom (I decided that I didn't want to be behind a camera the whole time when I could be drinking wine and hanging out with my kickass friends).  

But my mom and I drove down to Portland and back to Seattle in the same day, which definitely made made it a long one, with lots of time spent in the car.  Luckily, we were able to listen to the Husky game in the car and cheer on the Dawgs as they beat USC on a last minute field goal for the second year in a row (my parents were at the game in Seattle last year, so my mom was especially happy she got to hear as they did it again!). And then when I got home, B had recorded the Duck game, and as I had successfully avoided all mentions of what happened in the game, I got to watch in suspense as the Ducks went on to pound Stanford and are now #3 in the country! Here's hoping the #3 position isn't the curse that the #2 position was three years ago... I love my Ducks and would love to see them play 'Bama for the title! 

More tomorrow, but time to wrap up this weekend with just a little more football.

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